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Henry Foradori

Senior Financial Advisor

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Statement Of Philosophy

By Henry Foradori


1. As  partners, our relationship starts with the understanding what is important to you.  Establish long term financial goals and the implementation of the plan. 

 2.  As partners, we need to determine which stage of wealth we are in, creation, management or preervation.  From there we can determine which investments will achieve the objectives and goals. 

3. As partners, tax planning and minimization is a key component throughout the wealth process. 

4.As partners, we are monitoring on an on-going basis to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances. In addition, we talk regularly as opportunity arise and meet at least annually.

5. As partners, you have access to me and my associates. My support team, my assistant and I make ourselves as accessible as possible to clients. All telephone calls and emails are replied to within a 24 hour, either personally or by my assistant.

6. As partners, I believe that my best client is one who is fully informed. As a result, my team and I have a strong commitment to client communication through personal contact, emails , articles and guest speakers. 

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy is based on four main principals.

  1. Discipline: follow a process
  2. Opportunistic: Take advantage of inefficiency in the market place
  3. Diversify: You are not right 100% of the time
  4. Ownership: Treat these investments as if it's my own.

  Market prices are always wrong in the sense that they present a biased view of the future.” George Soros. 
Invest at the point of maximum pessimism." Sir John Templeton 

Investment Process

  1. Understand what your needs and desires are
  2. Construct a portfolio into various asset classes, cash, fixed income, equities, hard assets and alternative assets.
  3. Determine the investment selection for the various asset classes.
  4. Follow a time test equity portfolio strategy

The tenets of great money management are as follows:

  • Understand the rules of risk and reward.  There is no free lunch
  • Analyze the current situation.  Are there more buyers than sellers?
  • Rule of 72.  How long does it take for your money to double
  • Set targets.  As stock move towards those target, re-evaluate price
  • Continuously monitor.  Markets move fast
  • Don't break you own rules. What are the rules when to buy and when to sell?  "This time it's different"  Sir John Templeton 


With over 20 years experience as Senior Financial Advisor, this has given me the expertise and understanding client needs and how best to meet those needs.


My clients and I view our relationship as a partnership.  We are in this together your success is my success, I refer this as a"win, win relationship".  



Confidence that your best interests are being taken care of. 
Confidence that your financial goals are being met.
Confidence that your investments are meeting or exceeding your financial goals.
Confidence that your taxes are minimized
Confidence that your estate wishes will be taken care of

What clients say......

Sam Altobello, CRSP, CHSCHealth and Safety Manager at Sofina Foods Inc.
I have known Henry for more than 20 years and his dedication, commitment and attention to detail has proven great financial results for me and my family. Henry touches base with me on a regular basis..... . Henry also does a great job in recommending where my money should be invested....... I find Henry is always up to speed with market fluctuations and provides me with simple analysis to assist me in making important decisions. Thank you Henry for all your hard work and time you have put in